Automated Resin Painting Technology

With its automated resin painting technology, PDKM is at the heart of artistic progress. To rethink what it means to be an artist, we use high-tech robotic systems and automatic ways to apply paint. Watch as carefully led robot arms apply paint in perfect unison, demonstrating how creativity and robotics can work together.

Precision Through Automation

Our cutting-edge building has robotic systems and automated paint-applying methods that are the best of the best. This careful integration makes sure that every piece of plastic is covered in the same way and in the same amount. This minimizes any differences and makes sure that every piece has a perfect, smooth finish.

Enhanced Efficiency and Reliability
With its advanced resin processing technologies, PDKM meets the market needs for manufacturing automobile interior parts and other wide variety of products.

Our automated resin painting system operates incessantly, maximizing productivity and significantly reducing cycle times. This transformation translates into amplified efficiency and output, enabling us to meet even the most stringent production schedules without compromising on quality. With PDKM, you can trust that your orders will be handled promptly and delivered with the utmost precision.