Our Technology

Right from the inception of new car model development, PDKM actively engages in the planning phase. Through collaborative efforts with automakers, we provide valuable support in the advancement of commercialization technologies.

Car manufacturers rely on us to meet a variety of consumer needs. We create, design, prototype, and test interior and exterior vehicle parts using our superior technology. Most importantly, our engineers are involved in new automobile model development from the start. We examine vehicle packing, identify engineering challenges for commercialization, build prototypes, and conduct extensive assessment testing. We help our clients save development time and cost by immersing ourselves in early development.

Development Capability

With its advanced resin processing technologies, PDKM meets the market needs for manufacturing automobile interior parts and other wide variety of products.

Advanced Injection Molding Techniques

Describe the company's expertise in advanced injection molding technologies, such as multi-shot molding, overmolding, or insert molding. Highlight any unique or innovative techniques used to produce high-quality plastic parts efficiently.

Advanced Selection and Research

Provide information about the company's capabilities in material selection and research. Mention any specialized materials used, such as engineering plastics or bio-based plastics, and the advantages they offer in terms of durability, sustainability, or other factors.

Quality Control and Inspection System

Explain the quality control measures in place, including state-of-the-art inspection systems and methodologies. Highlight how the company ensures the consistency and precision of the manufactured plastic parts, meeting industry standards and customer specifications.

Industry 4.0 and Automation Integration

    Emphasize the incorporation of Industry 4.0 technologies and automation in the manufacturing process. Discuss how the company utilizes robotics, IoT (Internet of Things), and data analytics to enhance production efficiency, reduce waste, and ensure real-time monitoring and traceability.

    Production Capability

    With its diverse molding and processing technologies, PDKM produces a range of products.

    Being a versatile producer of both automobile interior and exterior components, PDKM employs an array of processing technologies, spanning from resin injection molding and welding to painting and assembly. We craft a diverse range of products through a meticulous selection of optimal materials and molding techniques tailored to each item. This proficiency not only ensures high-quality results but also facilitates efficient production processes.