Mold Design

At PDKM, we are at the cutting edge of new ideas in the auto business. We make precision-engineered plastic resin parts that improve performance and dependability. Our unwavering dedication to mold design quality is a key part of our success. We are a trusted partner in the automotive industry because we can create molds that are up-to-date and meet or exceed the strict standards of the industry.

Mold design is the cornerstone of producing high-quality plastic resin parts. It directly impacts the final product's integrity, functionality, and appearance.

Mold Fabrication

Mold making requires numerous processes. To start the procedure, precise mold design and specifications are created. Then, CNC and EDM are used to precisely form mold components. CNC employs automated equipment and programming to cut steel or aluminum molds, whereas EDM uses electrical discharges for precise sculpting. Technicians carefully fit and assemble mold components after machining to ensure perfect tolerances and alignment. This critical phase ensures a functioning, exact mold that fulfills standards.

Mold Maintenance

Plastic injection mold maintenance inspection, cleaning, and repair is essential to manufacturing. Mold maintenance promotes long-term efficiency, high-quality plastic parts, and decreased downtime. Mold maintenance aims to reduce wear, corrosion, and contamination that can cause production defects, scrap rates, and productivity losses. Regular maintenance detects and resolves issues before they worsen, keeping the mold in top shape. Mold maintenance usually requires multiple steps. Mold is checked for wear, damage, and plastic residue. Check the mold's surface, cavities, and cooling channels for wear, corrosion, and obstructions.

Mold Maintenance Development Program ( MMDP )
Mold Maintenance Development Program (MMDP) would help Malaysian plastic producers improve their capabilities and meet customer requests by managing mold maintenance.

Each part of the mold, making sure there aren't any gaps and that everything is lined up right. This important step makes sure that a functional, exact mold is made that meets the requirements. This program has six main parts: a safety syllabus, a basic mold structure, a mold care system, daily operation, hands-on skills, and troubleshooting. By putting in place a complete mold maintenance system, we can make sure that our molds last as long as possible, work well, and are of good quality. This will lead to better output results and less downtime. Regular maintenance will help you find problems early and fix them, so you won't have to pay for expensive repairs or mold removal in the future.